About Us

Mai Yai Resort (Big Tree) Hotel in Kamphangphet

Mai Yai Resort is serving customers who pass through Kamphaengphet province for over 7 years. The atmosphere is like being close to nature. Mai Yai Resort offers different room styles that are varied according to the needs of customers.

We place great importance on gardening to ensure we can offer the most natural surroundings. SO that our guests get to enjoy fresh air and get close to the refreshing nature.

Mai Yai Resort is located in the city of Kamphangphet. It’s near government offices, Kamphangphet historical site, department stores, Big C, Robinson Lifestyle, so customers can travel easily.

In case you are going through Kamphangphet, do not miss visiting the UNESCO World Heritage, Phra Ruang Hot Spring, Chill on the Ping River. And eat delicious food from local shops.